Urban fly-fishing report: Velika Božna, near Ljubljana

Across the crowded little UK (as in many other parts of the world) fishing has been locked down until further notice as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

But that’s not the case everywhere, and we recently spotted this hugely morale-boosting fishing report from fishing guide Uros Kristan in Slovenia.

At this time in particular, we think it’s the perfect definition of the #FishWhereYouLive philosophy.

And best of all, he’s just offered to let us share it here on Urbantrout…

Because of the coronavirus, and due to strict lockdown, I’m only allowed to fish in the municipality I live in. Which meant I needed go exploring near home if I wanted to do any fishing on my own.

And boy, it was worth doing it as I found this sweet small stream just 15 minutes away from where I live, full of beautiful wild brown trout.

Fishing was excellent in spite of tougher low water conditions, and I caught numerous trout throughout the whole day on dries and nymphs. I was surprised by the size of the fish, too, with quite a few between 30 to 40 cm mark.

Honestly, I needed that badly in these crazy times, and I couldn’t have been more socially distancing myself any further, as I was all alone on the stream for the entire day.

What’s even sweeter, I didn’t even manage to cover the whole stretch, and there’s another stream similar to this one on the other side of the valley, which means I have some more exploring to do soon.

It’s amazing what you can find literally on your doorstep if you just look!?! Gets you thinking…

Stay well and healthy!

We can’t deny it: these photos do make us immensely jealous. But frankly they’re also exactly what we need to see at this time, so we’re incredibly grateful to Uros for allowing us to share them here.

Keep safe, everyone, and we’ll hope to fish with you again on the other side of this pandemic…

(All photos: Uros Kristan, Urko Fishing Adventures)

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