Urban river restorationists: Get accredited by WTT!

Ever since the Wild Trout Trust’s Trout in the Town programme was launched in 2007, inspired by the success of the Wandle project, the range and scale of urban river restoration groups has been growing across the UK.

And recently, while the Trust was creating its new Trout in the Town Urban River Toolkit last year, they saw an opportunity to include a new nationwide accreditation scheme for all their urban groups.

Like so much else this year, this initiative has been held up by the Covid-19 pandemic, but accreditation forms have now been sent out to urban river projects all over the country.

So… what are the benefits for you and your urban river mending pals?

As this post on the WTT’s website says, it means that you’ll be officially recognised as part of this inspiring urban river movement.

You’ll be listed on the Trout in the Town page of WTT’s website, and you’ll be able to see how you’re progressing, compared to other similar chapters – and find out which other groups you could approach to share relevant experience and knowledge. You may also be able to access even more advice and support from WTT to help you grow and develop further.

Last but not least, you’ll receive a special Trout in the Town certificate – detailing First Contact, Bronze, Silver or Gold levels – and a matching badge to display on your website and other promotional materials.

So, if you haven’t received a form yet, but you’d like to get your group officially accredited by Trout in the Town, please get in touch with Paul or Theo via the contact details on the WTT website.

We’re reliably informed that WTT is looking forward to hearing from you, and getting your local urban group officially accredited as a Trout in the Town chapter!

(Image: Wild Trout Trust)

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