Urbantrout gear hits the water in Eat, Sleep, Fish

UT ESF hoodie 3 - Pete Tyjas

Recently we’ve been stoked to see our Urbantrout eco-branded fishing gear making frequent appearances in the monthly must-read Eat, Sleep, Fish ezine…

… modelled by no-one less than its hard-working editor (and Devon School of Fly Fishing pro guide and instructor) Pete Tyjas.

Pete bought a hoodie and one of our urban steelheader beanie hats at the end of January, aiming to test them out for this Good Stuff review… and maybe also add a little extra pop to other product photography and road trips.

Since then, he freely confesses, they’ve taken over as his go-to fishing gear.

At this time of year we might have placed bigger money on lime green camo, but that pro-guide-orange hoodie actually looks like it helps him creep up successfully on our own personal nemesis: spooky little trout in super-shallow, gin-clear West Country rivers.

And maybe it’s just the effect of all that ambient orange… but don’t those trout look beautifully bright and colourful too?

Thanks Pete – and we hope your Urbantrout gear continues to bring you great karma on urban and rural rivers alike!

The full Urbantrout gear range including hoodies, t-shirts and caps is available to buy right here online, with a full 10% of profits going directly to help fund urban river restoration projects.

UT ESF hoodie 4 - Pete Tyjas

UT ESF hoodie 5 - Pete Tyjas

(Photos: Eat, Sleep, Fish / Pete Tyjas)

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