Trout on the Tube: T&S tackles the Wandle

At a time when well-loved print magazines such as Total Flyfisher and Fly Rod & Reel seem to be dropping like flies, it’s reassuring to see venerable titles like Trout & Salmon still going stronger than ever.

Of course, staying right on the cusp of current developments in progressive fly-fishing is one way to ensure interest and longevity…

… so it’s almost no surprise at all to see December’s urban-fishing-in-Holmfirth issue followed this month by a major feature from the Wandle (probably the UK’s original urban river restoration success story) written by Urbantrout’s very own editor:

Best of all, from a fisherman’s perspective, trout have come back to the Wandle too: first as little Itchen-strain fingerlings, part of the Wandle Trust’s Trout in the Classroom project, then as second- and even third-generation wild-spawned fish that will already have started their own process of evolution to survive the unique challenges of the south London landscape.

And that’s also why you’re here this evening, knee-deep in darkly rippling water under the glare of the lamps on the riverside path, feeling as much as watching a big fish swirling like clockwork a few yards ahead of you…

Here at Urbantrout, we’re confidently predicting that copies of this issue of T&S will be flying off the shelves even faster than usual…

… as intrepid flyfishers from all over start planning next season’s expeditions to the chalkstream where the locals once taught Frederic Halford himself how to fish a dry fly.

Don’t miss out, grab yours today!

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